Boomer Raker-Knowlton, adopted (Sept. 3, 2005) by Grannie Annie

and Ted after Boomer's failure in two homes. Boomer came from

Massachusetts Shih Tzu Rescue at age 6 months. DOB: March 5, 2005


November 16, 2005 - Boomer is surviving (barely) G/A's boot camp.

2007:  Boomer helps Ted practice piano


This is Boomer, Sept.3, 2005, on his arrival in Lincoln.


Boomer with Rett-Retta-Retta





Hey!  Hop in!  I'm driving the Wiggle Bus today.    Nov. 1, 2005


Woops!   Maybe you wanna drive?


With Ted   -   11/1/05



October 6, 2005 - The Hollands come to visit: Matt, Bob, & Laurel (she took the pictures).



Bob Holland and the Boomer


Matt Holland tries to contain the Boom-Box.


  Just squeeze me.


Boomer and Emma Reeve    October 2005


Boomer says, "Come'on, Emma. let's play!"


Below are pictures taken Sept. 10, 2005





Boomer & Derby


Thanksgiving - November 24, 2005

This is Boomer in December 2006 (also featured on our Christmas letter).